Don’t Look Back in Anger…

Posted by ayoi | work and IT | Monday 27 December 2010 2:45 pm

I spent most of my time at the main office compared to the client site last week. I wish I haven’t do that since I get lots of other works.. Lesson learned. 😀 Anyway it also means that I can have nice conversations with my colleagues on the gossips current news. Among other things that we’ve talked about is on the headache that both of us is facing currently about improving our analyst’s capability, skills and knowledge. Other topic which is kinda fascinating is the way of how our company’s ex-staff behave whenever they need to deal with our company in their daily business.

Some of them seems like having a bad feeling towards the company and of course I have no idea on what they’ve experienced during their working years/months in the company. My colleague relate to me on some unwarranted remarks or unpleasant comments made by them. Of course since some of them are our clients/potential clients, these remarks or comments in my opinion perhaps can have some negative impact on us.

I am not defending the company as I also have some unpleasant moments and experiences while working here. And yes I do sometimes feel that I do deserve more or it seems that my works is not being appreciated by my superiors. But then that’s my personal opinion and perhaps my bosses have other reasonable explanation on why they act like that.

IF I have an opportunity to grow/move/enhance my career to other places, of course I will leave in good term. I do realize and have to admit that without the opportunity given by my current company, I won’t be what I want to be and get other opportunity. I’ve learned a lot during the past 7 years and will be eternally grateful for all the experience, skills and knowledge that I’ve gained while working here. I always remember my beginning when I was a relatively new and kinda dumb when I first joined the company. In 2004, security is a relatively new for me. Looking into security events and distinguishing between false positive and actual events requires a lot of works. I had to double my effort in order to improve my knowledge, skills and other capabilities and I really had to live up to the security analyst title. After 7 years, I can’t say I’m good but what I can claim is that I am far better than I was in 2004. I never expect myself to conduct trainings, giving talks, doing presentations, doing some analysis and studies(I wont call it research), travels to other countries, lead a team for a multimillion project and many more. Those are some of the tasks that I am doing now.

My point is simple. We can easily find our head among the clouds when we feel that we have improved significantly, when people start making you as their reference points (even from master students) and feel that we’ve achieved this without anybody’s help. And we do feel that we are bigger than our current department/company (I am soooooooooo guilty of this ;P) But do remember that we will not be whatever or where ever we are now if not for the opportunity to grow that was given to us today/previously.

Every company has its own flaw/weaknesses and strength. the adage; “Love your job but not your company” perhaps is true but let we add one more line.

“Be grateful but not easily satisfied and don’t look back in anger.”

p/s: This entry IS NOT sponsored by my company OK? And NO, this is not an arrangement for me to get a raise 😛 haha

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    Happy New Year,2011. Wish you and family all the best.


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