New (not that new) Beginning part 1

Posted by ayoi | work and IT | Friday 11 October 2013 11:18 pm

Silent is the best policy. I think probably it’s been too quiet for this blog.
I guess it’s over 2 years since my last post? Hooo haa about quiting my job, then counter offered and I did mention on staying put. Anyway it only last for a year when finally I managed to convince myself to leave my comfort zone.  8 years probably too comfortable!

Anyway in point form, these are things that happened to me but not limited to:

1.) With some help from friend (TQVM Tuan Fazli Azran) I managed to secure a job at an MNC company. It helps when you send your CV straight to the IT Security Director and interviewed by him and the Head of security operations (my current boss).

2). No more techie stuff (unfortunately). Lots of planning (still learning). Building/establishing monitoring team to cater the whole Asia Region is freakin tough man! Especially when you start every single thing from scratch and cover different type of monitoring areas with different types of technologies.
But we are getting there and it will be awesome!

Communicating (guess I’m doing ok but sometimes it’s tough when your staff is older and has his own mind). Of course some of the challenges like communicating with your counterparts from countries where English is not tje main language.
If you have experience talking to an interpreter who speaks lil bit of English and his job is to interpret your explanation to his colleagues & vice versa during a conference call, you’ll know my pain.

And since typing using android keypad is pain in the ass, I’ll continue later eh!

Have a nice long weekend folks!

Test post

Posted by ayoi | General | Friday 11 October 2013 10:45 pm

Just a test from my phone.


I can hear…

Posted by ayoi | General | Monday 10 June 2013 7:31 pm

… the Cricket sound…

HomeStay in Kuantan

Posted by ayoi | General | Monday 16 April 2012 11:18 am

For those who want to have a nice place to stay in Kuantan, can call my father 😉

No.39, Lorong IM 2/33,
Perumahan Pasdec Makmur
Indera Mahkota 2
Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur

KADAR / Rate
RM 150 satu malam

# Mempunyai 3 bilik, 2 bilik air, 2 ruang tamu + 2 TV
# Bilik utama: katil kelamin, kipas, meja solek, meja tepi
# Bilik kedua: 2 katil bujang, kipas
# Bilik ketiga: 1 katil bujang, kipas
# Ruang dapur dilengkapi pinggan/mangkuk/cawan/gelas/jag/sudu/garpu
# Peti sejuk

# Bantal & toto tambahan disediakan
# Tuala, sabun mandi, ubat nyamuk

3km ke Stadium Darul Makmur
3km ke SUKPA
3km ke KIPSAS
3km ke Kolej Politech Mara
3km ke HTAA
3km ke Pusat Bandar
2km ke Kolej Shahputra Indera Mahkota
5km ke SEMSAS Taman Tas
3km ke Jeti Kuantan River Cruise
6km ke Lapangan Terbang SAS
5km ke UiTM Cawangan Kuantan
3km ke UIA
9km ke Tanjung Lumpur
3km ke Kolej Profesional Mara
10km ke Politeknik Kuantan
11km ke Pantai Teluk Cempedak
11km ke Kem Tentera Batu 10
20km ke Universiti Malaysia Pahang
25km ke Gambang Resort Water Park

Haji Hamzah : 019 – 917 3840


Posted by ayoi | General | Friday 30 December 2011 10:47 pm

To be honest, I do not have any single idea to write anything. The original idea is to have this bold large size fonts statement some sort like this ” I really want to enter a new post today but I took an arrow to the knee” but since I am not willing to be “facepalmed” from some of my colleagues who has this habit of visiting this blog instead of porn other interesting sites, I bribed by lazy mind to do this post with a dose of 9gag  😀

Since wifey keeps on teasing reminding me about my age whenever I forgot misplaced my things, let see how many significant events or milestones happened in 2011 that this old mind could recall

  1. Wifey decided that beating the traffics and rushing to work is not a fun thing to do anymore, so she applied the housewife post and of course she got that job
  2. Since she’s spending most of the time at home, she decided to venture into cooking and baking and of course as a loving, romantic and caring husband,  I got her an oven and the usual baking and cooking stuff.

    This is NOT my wife

  3. Due to no (2), we as a family spent most of our time eating at home. I will have my dinner at home as well and try my best to finish the meal (since I have my dinner kinda late). If not she will tear me a new hole.
  4. And due to (3), I used to weigh around 60kg but now my weight is around 70kg and it is not even a year (OK just a matter of few hours if not days but still..) Looking at weighing scale is not a fun thing as it used to be.

    Not my feet and not my weigh..

  5. Since wifey now is a professional housewife, she has the luxury of monitoring our kids up close and personal. Some of her findings sometimes mind shattering a bit
  6. My 9 years old daughter reaching puberty at such a young age and as a good mother, wifey always try her best to answer all the questions posed by my daughter. Sometimes she will use metaphor and there were times when the question will be answered straight to the point.

    This is NOT my Daughter!!

  7. Both of my daughters already behave like young gals. Teddy bears, face cleanser, blab la.. Am I too slow or the time passes by in the speed of light
  8. My twins, now 4 years old are too handful for their mother and for me as well. Having a stroll in shopping mall with the twins is like a traffic police trying to control a traffic full of Mat Rempits . Most of the time they will end up in the shopping trolleys. As much as we try to avoid the toy sections, it seems that they have this Toys Tracking System embedded in their brain. Both of them will shout and pointed to the toys section direction whenever we try to use a different route. It doesn’t matter whether we are at Giant, Tesco or AEON Jusco (since those are the nearest shopping malls), they always get their Toys bearing right.

    This IS My Twins :D

  9. Because of (1 until 8), in my 7th year working at this company, I surprised myself with one action which I believe was a right move. Heck I still believe it is the right move. Well since I still the company and will celebrate 8th anniversary of working at this company (hopefully la) I don’t think I should elaborate more 😉
  10. Some scary stuff is when the tsunami hits Japan back in March 2011 and my younger brother happened to study at one of the area affected by the earthquake and tsunami. From his recollection of events, he experienced the earthquake while taking his bath and what he did at that time is to hold on tight to the wall of the kolah(kolah in English is?). I can’t remember whether he managed to grab the towel or not. I didn’t ask. Thankfully his housing area only affected by the earthquake but not the tsunami. Oh, by the way it happened that my brother supposed to be graduated on the tsunami day 😀 The only silver lining emerge from this catastrophic event is I got myself an XboX 360 courtesy from my brother. The only problem is I can’t use that Xbox since the power usage here is not what it’s like in Japan.

    From left: My younger bro, my sister, my mom and my dad at Japan. Mission : kemas rumah

    Not my house but my bro's. Somehow I do feel that perhaps the condition already like this even if there's no earthquake

    All of them need to clean up this mess. Thankfully the landlord is friendly and helpful

  11. I’ve started to use twitter back and received some “response” from that 😀
  12. Regarding the Computing Professional Board Act proposed by Malaysian Govn, my view is simple. If you want to do something, do it properly and make sure that all the stakeholders to be consulted first.  Get your feet wet and dirty by talking/discussing directly with the parties involved in the industry and not totally listen and depends to your CONsultant. They are looking the financial aspect alone.
  13. Oh yeah, why not the related ministry start to do some research and study on why the IT graduates failed to get a job. Why they failed to apply their knowledge in the real working environment. Somehow I do believe that we need to prepare those graduates on the reality of works. Well I did give some opinions and views during Faculty of Science and Technology of Islamic Science University Advisory Board Meeting last few weeks.
  14. Yes, I am privileged and honored to be appointed as one of the Advisory Board members for the FST of Islamic Science University. Hopefully we can assist the Faculty and the university to produce quality muslim graduates.
  15. I better stop now

Hey not bad for a guy who “I do not have any single idea to write anything” eh? Till next time. .. Hopefully 😀

It’s been a while…

Posted by ayoi | General | Monday 10 October 2011 4:02 pm

…For this blog to see new posts from me eh.. Well hopefully I can keep on posting new post from now on..  😀


Here to Stay…

Posted by ayoi | work and IT | Friday 8 April 2011 12:35 pm

Last few weeks were kinda hectic for me. Right from doing something which I never did before (and thankfully I managed to execute that task accordingly) up to doing some investigation at one of the client sites at 4 in the morning (and at 9am of the same morning I had to do some presentation at one of the clients). I’m not only exhausted physically but emotionally as well. And yeah, during those hectic period, I just realized that my body is not as its used to be when I was 25. I tend to easily hurt my back and of course having two ultraman at home didn’t help either 😀

YES. I did tender my resignation on 1st April 2011 and NO it ain’t one of my April Fool’s joke. Of course I went for interviews before I submit my resignation letters lah and Alhamdulillah, there are many offers on the table. I have my reasons for deciding to call it quit which of course I won’t reveal it here but once your heart decided that something need to be done to improve your condition, you got to do what you are suppose to do.

But now, instead of creating a similar posting like this, I decided to stay with the company that I have served for more than 7 years after a series of discussions. A series of discussion not only with the company, but with my financial minister as well.

So for those who can’t wait for me to leave the company, I am sorry to say that I am here to stay. Sorry guys hehehehe..

Now I have to finish all the works that pending due to the unforeseen event occurred last week.. Fuh..

Statement of the year…So far..

Posted by ayoi | General,Personal | Tuesday 1 February 2011 11:16 am

Last weekend, I had a “old-friend-get together” session with one of my old friends nearby my house. He is one of my long lost friends and I can say that we shared a lot of experiences doing some naughty activities during our younger days.

He is totally opposite of me (used to be). I was a straight talker (Err I should use “am” but maybe it’s debatable) while he is more diplomatic, “cakap berlapik” thingy. I’m more “let’s go and do it now” while he is “Okay but let’s plan and think about the consequences (escape plans actually) first”.

So after exchanging the usual pleasantry, we start reminiscing the past activities and had a good laugh about it. The of course we touched about our current life and careers. Kinda surprise when he mentioned that he already surpass me on the number of companies that listed in his CV as former employer. When I asked him why, this is his answer;

“I work for money. For loyalty get a dog. For ‘Bear with us statement’ get a bear

I just laughed so hard that I accidentally spilled my nescafe on the table.

Have to give that statement an exit 0

Grumpy Old Man?

Posted by ayoi | General | Wednesday 26 January 2011 3:03 pm

Strangely, I do feel like that sometimes. And I know some of my colleagues kinda agree with that. I totally have no idea why I’m getting more edgy lately. Because of my age? stress? work related?
Maybe the difference between straight-to-the-point and bashing is kinda blurry for me? Hmmm…
I guess I should not send that kind of email with all the points that I raised to our mailing list.

Perhaps next time I need to be a lil bit tactful with my wordings.

Or maybe not hehehe

Don’t Look Back in Anger…

Posted by ayoi | work and IT | Monday 27 December 2010 2:45 pm

I spent most of my time at the main office compared to the client site last week. I wish I haven’t do that since I get lots of other works.. Lesson learned. 😀 Anyway it also means that I can have nice conversations with my colleagues on the gossips current news. Among other things that we’ve talked about is on the headache that both of us is facing currently about improving our analyst’s capability, skills and knowledge. Other topic which is kinda fascinating is the way of how our company’s ex-staff behave whenever they need to deal with our company in their daily business.

Some of them seems like having a bad feeling towards the company and of course I have no idea on what they’ve experienced during their working years/months in the company. My colleague relate to me on some unwarranted remarks or unpleasant comments made by them. Of course since some of them are our clients/potential clients, these remarks or comments in my opinion perhaps can have some negative impact on us.

I am not defending the company as I also have some unpleasant moments and experiences while working here. And yes I do sometimes feel that I do deserve more or it seems that my works is not being appreciated by my superiors. But then that’s my personal opinion and perhaps my bosses have other reasonable explanation on why they act like that.

IF I have an opportunity to grow/move/enhance my career to other places, of course I will leave in good term. I do realize and have to admit that without the opportunity given by my current company, I won’t be what I want to be and get other opportunity. I’ve learned a lot during the past 7 years and will be eternally grateful for all the experience, skills and knowledge that I’ve gained while working here. I always remember my beginning when I was a relatively new and kinda dumb when I first joined the company. In 2004, security is a relatively new for me. Looking into security events and distinguishing between false positive and actual events requires a lot of works. I had to double my effort in order to improve my knowledge, skills and other capabilities and I really had to live up to the security analyst title. After 7 years, I can’t say I’m good but what I can claim is that I am far better than I was in 2004. I never expect myself to conduct trainings, giving talks, doing presentations, doing some analysis and studies(I wont call it research), travels to other countries, lead a team for a multimillion project and many more. Those are some of the tasks that I am doing now.

My point is simple. We can easily find our head among the clouds when we feel that we have improved significantly, when people start making you as their reference points (even from master students) and feel that we’ve achieved this without anybody’s help. And we do feel that we are bigger than our current department/company (I am soooooooooo guilty of this ;P) But do remember that we will not be whatever or where ever we are now if not for the opportunity to grow that was given to us today/previously.

Every company has its own flaw/weaknesses and strength. the adage; “Love your job but not your company” perhaps is true but let we add one more line.

“Be grateful but not easily satisfied and don’t look back in anger.”

p/s: This entry IS NOT sponsored by my company OK? And NO, this is not an arrangement for me to get a raise 😛 haha

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